April 18, 2021


Why Start Running? Maybe you’ve been wondering that. All too often, runners start with a lot of enthusiasm and ride hard, pass unnecessary pain barriers and do more harm than good consequently.
It must not be like that however, and you will learn why and how in this book. 

The right approach means that you are in tune, fit and well-being — and you can set yourself up to your first race or reach new and better goals with the correct training and a little planning.
Whether you’re a new runner or a experienced athlete, this site

 will enhance the sport by turning you into a efficient and intelligent runner. It helps you concentrate on smart, fun goals and develops structured and feasible training programmes. 
It helps you build a proper fitness center using the expert strength and core programs that benefit your overall strength and mobility in everyday life. It includes all types of running injuries and ways to prevent them, nutrition and hydration tips for your daily workouts.
It also provides advice and strategies to those who are willing to test themselves, whether it be for the first short race or a full Marathon, to optimize their running preparations, performance and recovery

So, what do you expect? Begin to read, lace your sneakers and go into the world of a step ahead. Good luck! -Good luck!

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