April 18, 2021
What to eat for breakfast before a run

What to eat for breakfast before a run ?

Running is one of the most popular sporting activities for amateurs. It is practical, economical, and should be done outdoors, possibly in contact with nature.

When the sun begins to peep out, running at dawn is a truly extraordinary experience, especially in spring, when the air is no longer so cold, the sun rises earlier, and you can run with the light and birdsong in the background.

However, running early in the morning puts us in front of a Hamletic doubt: should we eat breakfast before running or not ? Considering that we know how important it is to have a rich breakfast as soon as we wake up to have enough energy to face the day, we also know that an abundant breakfast before running can create some problems, reducing our regular sporting performance.

What to eat for breakfast before a morning run ?

The breakfast before running in the morning should be taken at least half an hour before starting the training; it should be light and based on foods that can provide immediate energy, such as simple carbohydrates combined with proteins.

The ideal snack could be a slice of wholemeal toast with homemade jam or, even better, an energy bar made of cereals, dried fruit, and honey.

In the absence of the classic bar, a handful of almonds or hazelnuts may be more than enough. Remember that the right fuel to face the race at dawn is already present in our body because the night’s dinner before is always there, waiting to be consumed.

A good night’s sleep, even the most agitated, is unlikely to make a man of average build burn more than 200 calories.

A good idea would be to drink fruit juice in the evening, before falling asleep, to store sugars to be burned during the running session.

An important aspect to consider when assessing the need for breakfast before running concerns the run itself’s duration. If the performance is limited to an hour of training, the fuel already stored is more than enough.

However, if the effort increases, it is necessary to take precautions, bringing foods that give us energy, such as dried fruit or energy bar. Otherwise, our body, to make up for the lack of fuel, will begin to burn muscle.

What to eat for breakfast before a running race

The post-run breakfast should be calibrated according to what you may have eaten before training. It will be complete if we have run on an empty stomach. Otherwise, it will be a light snack, but it should still perform the fundamental function of replenishing fluids and minerals lost through fruit juices, tea, possibly unsweetened, or appropriate supplements.

Carbohydrates have a vital function for runners who are preparing for sports performances. Considering that in the morning our organism is more predisposed to the digestion and assimilation of different foods, it is appropriate to consume after the race a rich breakfast based on carbohydrates, never refined, to which also add some protein, such as bresaola, ham, or eggs.

In this way, you can recover lost energy and face the morning with the right dose of nutrients.

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