May 6, 2021
Magnetic vs electric treadmill

Magnetic vs electric treadmill ? Here are the differences to know and Which is better ?

The treadmill is a piece of fitness equipment found in all gyms and even in enthusiasts’ homes and can be used by anyone. The treadmill, whether magnetic or electric, allows the end-user to exercise whatever the weather conditions, which is a significant advantage considering that wind, rain, or snow would prevent a complete workout, especially during the winter.

Constant training with this equipment brings substantial benefits to the body: it firms, tones, makes you lose weight, and has a positive effect on both the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and improving the venous circulation in the lower limbs. There are two types of treadmills on the market: electric and magnetic.

They differ in terms of the structure of the equipment, particularly the presence or absence of a motor, and therefore in words of the training and results that can be achieved.

Magnetic vs electric?

It should be noted that there is no such thing as a better or worse mat, but rather one that suits your needs, your goals, and your budget. So which should you choose? Let’s summarise the main points.

The magnetic treadmill

The magnetic treadmill is the cheaper of the two. It uses a mechanical and magnetic system to work. The treadmill moves thanks to the force transmitted to it by the athlete through his legs’ movement, which is why we talk about a mechanical system. In other words, the belt rotates because it is set in motion by the user’s step, thanks to his or her movement and weight. The resistance is regulated manually by valves generally located near the flywheel.

Depending on the movement, internal magnets move closer together or further apart, increasing or decreasing the belt’s resistance. Of course, there are different price ranges, although they are less expensive than electric treadmills. However, some models also have a display to record training parameters, from speed to heart rate.

It is not considered a piece of equipment designed specifically for running but rather for walking. Moving the treadmill ‘alone’ requires more effort and may cause lower back and lumbar pain, which is why it is preferred for milder activities than running. Because it is generally lighter and more compact than electric treadmills, it takes up less space and is suitable for those who do not have a lot of room at home.

The electric treadmill

This is undoubtedly the most popular type of treadmill. As you know, the treadmill is powered by an electric motor, so there is no need for leg movement. Parameters such as incline and speed can be set via the display and a wide range of training programs. Exploited to its full potential, it is capable of correctly simulating outdoor training. It is easier to use: select a workout according to the degree of difficulty and start.

It is much more complete as a training device and can be used for both walking and running. Unlike the treadmill, however, it is bulkier and heavier, and the cost is higher, especially if you opt for a quality product. There is also a type of folding treadmill on the market, cheaper and more compact, but at the same timeless demand as professional models.

Which One to choose Magnetic or electric treadmill ?

If your budget is minimal, you can make do with a treadmill and opt for brisk walking rather than running. On the other hand, the primary use of the treadmill is for running ad hoc training; it is better not to consider buying this equipment, even though it can be used for short runs with low or no resistance.

If you don’t have any budget problems, but above all, if you are sure that you will use it for running , then you can go for this machine.

Which one makes you lose more weight?

If the main objective of using a treadmill is to lose weight and tone up, both the magnetic and the electric ones guarantee excellent results. Both allow the metabolism to be activated and calories and fat mass be burnt through aerobic activity, whether running or brisk walking.

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