April 18, 2021

Which Training Mask Should I Get ? 5 running mask review

This life during lockdown has many impacts in society, and not the least affected are the runners, especially those that gather weekly with other like-minded runners to go out for their daily or weekly fix. With lockdown almost coming to an end in certain countries.
We’re trying to gear up for it over the next months, what’s precipitating in mind now is what the future of running is? indeed, with gatherings of large numbers of people especially runners, what is it that we’re going to have to be faced with, and some of the fear that we’re going to be looking at is being near other runners may be very off-putting, we still don’t know do we carry the coronavirus could other people carry it we want to stay safe we want others to be safe.
We want others to be safe, so we’re gonna look at face masks and face coverings going to go through five varieties, and give you some feedback we’re gonna rate them and then hopefully that’ll inspire you to think about what kind of personal protective equipment you could use to maintain your running over the coming months and years.
  • The face shield
The face shield providing some restriction and for any body breathing on you which is excellent, but for when you’re out running when you’re trying to protect yourself in this thing feels a little bitself-conscious, it’s very big it’s bulky.
I think if you’re wearing glasses you’ll probably end up steaming up those glasses very very quickly there’s no filter on this, so there is no real protection against the coronavirus, there’s lots of space in which actually you can exhale and you can also breathe in other people’s breath if you’re not careful so it’s not an ideal system, but it does provide a little bit of a barrier.
The only downside is with your running it’s a quite a significant area will increase your wind resistance, and actually breathing into it, there isn’t the restrictions that the other systems have, but it’s it looks ugly people will probably run away thinking that you’ve got some bio contagion something definitely for the sci-fi movies, they need to improve these styles if it was ever going to take off
  • The half mask respirator
This thing is fantastic in terms of the filtration it’s got an FFP3 filter in place, now you can wash the whole face mask it’s very reusable, the biggest downside to this apart from the unsightliness is with it there’s such a high restriction to breathing.
 I mean i’m jogging quite slowly because i was struggling to draw in the breath, but great for security you want that peace of mind it is complicated to use for anything other than a very gentle jog, and very difficult as well to secrete about your body, but this is why it’s coming in at number four the pricing as well it’s probably one of the more expensive solutions, but again can you put money on your health as well as protecting others, so this is in fourth place the half-mask respirator sounding a bit like Darth Vader.
  • Washable fabric face mask
 In third place we have a washable fabric face mask, these things are so much easier compared to fourth place the half mask respirator, to breathe the downside though is that there’s such a poor fit, there’s absolutely no give in them, they don’t fit tightly around the face there is no filtration in there whats ever, so really the protection comes from what you can keep close to your mouth and your nose to prevent exhaling over other people, and in haling whatever they may be carrying, at least the colours they’re absolutely beautiful and indeed a system to consider they’re very inexpensive easy to secrete in the pocket, very affordable and washable so at least then you can reuse them time again in terms of running.
I think you’d really struggle if you’re wearing glasses because there’s just no tight fitting them across the nose, you’ll end up steaming your glasses with these systems., but at least you could put the min your pocket slip them out if you just wanted that little bit of extra protection at the start and finish lines, where you have a gathering of runners.
  • The disposable facemask
 In second place we have the disposable face mask these are great, because they’relight weight they were affordable a bit hard to come by nowadays, to get the proper rating which is an FFP2 in the in Europe, and it’s got to be the N95 you’d need some N 95 filter in America, for these ones but you can tell they’re great at fitting around, the face they’re nice and secure you wont have any breath escaping fogging up your glasses or interrupting other runners and vice versa, you do protect yourself a lot with these, but similar to the half-mask respirator.
I’m really struggling to breathe there is a high resistance to breathing in these, so if you only going for a gentle jog should be fine, but anything more strenuous and you are going to struggle, but they come in a variety of colors, so at least they’ll be more acceptable and great to secrete in the pocket be able to pull them out to the start and the finish lines, if you just wanted that little bit of extra protection when you’re starting your race.
  • The neck buff or neck gaiter
And in number one position we have the neck buff or neck gaiter, or actually, there’s a variety of names for this one. However, these things are probably the most useful thing for going out running. Still, providing some barrier against coronavirus and being able to protect yourself in slightly crowded areas with other runners, this thing is lightweight does not restrict breathing. However, the downside is it has no filter system.
Hence, there’s no guarantee that it will block absolutely everything that you’re breathing in or exhaling, and but coming in a variety of colors, you don’t really and out in a big way, although you do end up looking like a most wanted poster, they’re comfortable they fit well and very useful for running, so if you’re out there trying to do some very physical activities a lot of sprinting this is probably the thing if you still wanting to wear some face-covering this would be the choice number one position the neck buff.
Whichever face mask or face covering you choose to use for running, there is a variety available. Still, I think that the manufacturers are going to have to step up their game, you can see specific designs coming out on Amazon very slowly. However, they still would put the fear of the Lord into me trying to wear them even in confined spaces. 
I think I’d instead not turn up or at least stand to one side or at the back. Still, the good thing about these systems is at least they do provide some peace of mind if you are out and about, and you just needed a little bit of extra protection a little bit of comfort having something like a face mask the neck buff will all be an ideal choice something like a face mask the neck buff will all be an ideal choice. 

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