April 18, 2021

Five reasons why walking is a better sport than running

Many dreams of running, although walking is a much more effective and enjoyable sport. Read the five arguments.
  • 1. Walking is more sustainable in the long run
When our bodies are younger and more agile, running is a more prominent option if we are to achieve effective results for improving fitness – in the short term. In the long run, however, walking is a more effective form of exercise. When walking makes it a daily routine, it’s easier to maintain – even longer – than a more demanding run.
  • 2. Walking causes fewer injuries than running
The march breaks. Inflammations of the Achilles tendon. Injury due to the stress of the lower limbs. These are all injuries known to runners, but they are rare among walkers. Some of them can even be traumatic. Whether you are a runner or a walker, the risk can be avoided with, among other things, appropriate shoes and the power of exercise.
  • 3. The walker decides to eat less.
The high-calorie race causes many people to eat more. Instead, a pleasant walk can even help you forget to eat if you have binge-eating or overeating problems.
  • 4. Walking improves mental health.
Especially if you can walk in the middle of nature, exercise has more benefits for your mental well-being. The working memory improves, and the pleasure hormones swirl. Many runners say the same thing, but walking has been proven in many studies as a more relaxing sport. It makes you happy and relieves stress.
  • 5. Walking prevents disease
Walking has been proven to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, MS, Parkinson’s, and breast cancer, among others, and protect our bones. Regular walking can also help fight insomnia. The advantages of walking are manifold and do not stop at the end of the race.

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