April 18, 2021

Does running affect muscle growth?

A muscular body is a dream come true for many, as the approach and the clothes decrease. On the other hand, the sun and the heat attract each other to move. But are jogging and the gym compatible together if the goal is reached muscle mass? 
Combining running and the gym – also remember aerobic exercise.

Regular long-distance running and targeted muscle building are not supported. Or have you ever seen a very muscular runner in a marathon? Of course, muscles do not prevent you from participating in a marathon, but regularly, you cannot train both because the other is eaten. So choose your main sport and support it in another form of parallel training.
Does running affect the muscle mass?

Long-distance runners tend to be very thin, and therefore the run seems very light. They also train for muscle shape, but with lighter weights, focusing on the muscles of the middle body and legs needed for running. The goal of runners is not to develop muscles, but to strengthen the muscles that support the race.
It’s hard to imagine a muscular body running a marathon. Those looking for massive muscle growth can also do aerobic exercise, but on a different scale than runners. They barely run tens of kilometers of regular trails several times a week. However, normal jogging is not hampered by the increase in muscle mass. Jogging is only an accessory exercise in this case.
Jogging and gym – suitable for jogging
Running stimulates metabolism as well as fat metabolism. You will run longer and longer, and your cardiovascular system and your bones will thank you. The mind also stays bright, so be sure to go outside and jog next to the gym. 
Simply drilling in the gym is not good for the muscles, but aerobic exercise must also be trained to an appropriate extent, but always, so that muscle growth does not freeze in place. For example, a 5-10 mile loop from time to time comfortably supports a gym workout. Jogging can be done for outdoor activities and to bring variation to intense muscle training. Quick curls also keep muscles tense.
Remember these
Jogging and the gym is easy to combine and, in fact, to a good extent, they support each other brilliantly. If you want to build muscle by combining jogging and the gym, train on different days. For example, run shorter errands once every two weeks or take brisk walks.

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