April 18, 2021
6 Tips to run your first Half Marathon

6 Tips to run your first Half Marathon

Take a look at these 6 tips to help even those who have just started running to success their first half marathon.
The half marathon is the best of the running trips, as the 21.1 km distance is long enough to be challenging but still run even with a shorter running training so that you also enjoy the journey. 
  • Follow the exercise program.
Register for the half marathon right away, and you have a clear goal to work towards. A clear goal also helps maintain training motivation. So With a proper training program, you will get structure and planning for your training. This will also reduce the risk of injury and allow you to get closer to your goal slowly but surely. Everyday life is also easier to plan around a regular workout program, which reduces missed workouts due to other rushes.
  • Run with a friend
If possible, it is run with a training buddy. You should also go for a run with a friend on days when your own motivation is zero – and vice versa! It’s also nice to talk to your training buddy about everything related to running and training, especially if you don’t have family members, friends, or co-workers who are passionate about running.
  • Get good running shoes.
Buy good running shoes. Sneakers are not suitable for long-term running, and your old sneakers are certainly already on their way and no longer support your foot in the best possible way.
If you are buying decent running shoes for the first time, ask your retailer for help in choosing shoes. Once you’ve found the right model for you, you can upgrade your shoes to newer ones without help, but the first time you need an expert!
  • Belief in achieving the goal
When following the exercise program, it is worth remembering that there are also worse days when you do not seem to get anything out of the body. It’s only natural, so don’t let a few bad days take away your motivation. The next day, your workout is probably going better, and you’re one step closer to reaching your goal.
  • Eat sensibly but avoid overeating.
In addition to the exercise program, nutrition plays an important role in achieving the goal. So eat sensibly and healthily following the nutritional recommendations, so you get all the important nutrients and stay healthy.
Remember that food should not be approached fanatically. Your nutrition will not collapse if you go out every now and then to eat or take a glass of wine with food.
  • Enjoy both training and a half marathon
Remember that you should enjoy both the training and the half marathon itself. It is a good idea to finish your workouts so that you always get a little hungry for the next time. Sometimes in training, you can, of course, drive yourself to extremes but don’t do it every time.
Improve your running condition with gradually hardening exercises, for example, gradually increase the pace. Also, accept that development does not necessarily happen with every workout. You may be tired or stressed, which inevitably affects your workout as well. In the half marathon itself, start calmly at a pace you know you can sustain, and step up the pace when about two-thirds of the distance has been run.
So it’s not worth rushing from the start trip too much. Only tighten the pace towards the end of the trip and skip the briskly slower runners. If the first few kilometers feel like the pace is too slow, you’ve chosen just the right place!

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