April 18, 2021

Tips for beginner runners first 5k

How to run your first ever 5K. now this is for those people that really aren’t doing anything aerobically. 
But you want to start from scratch and work your way up to finishing your first 5K. race the first and most important tip that I can give you is be consistent with your training whatever way you start whether it be jogging to start or just walking to start be consistent. 
 That means. At least do your exercise activity four times a week I don’t force you to go on back to back days at least once during the week this is how you get in shape. 
 You have to push yourself to make your comfortable for good period of time. In order to increase your fitness level it’s not good enough to go out once a week and walk and feel tired. And then not do it again for a long time you won’t build. On that basis so be consistent with your training number two you have to escalate the amount that you train.
  I always suggest.Running or walking for about thirty minutes and you keep doing that over and over again my wife has an approach where she will run for an extended period of time let’s say ten minutes and then she’ll walk for a little bit then she’ll start running again.
run first 5k tips
 I’m the opposite. I would rather run for ten fifteen minutes stop and then walk the rest of the way so once I’m done running I’m. 
 Done. All together was running but I still walk. To keep my heart rate up to keep building on that. Aerobic base eventually as I keep training all run for fifteen minutes one day then the next day sixty minutes so the next day twenty minutes. Sometimes they’re a little. Add dates where you take a step back that’s natural but the most important thing is to keep.
Getting out there that’s back to rule one. Being consistent. Now there’s a lot of plans out there. That you can follow to help you get through your first 5K. there’s the couch to five K. or C. two five K. I have my own free plan which is called start walking get running lose weight it doesn’t matter what you follow the point is you got to do something because.
  To me. A successful first 5K. is one where you run the entire 5K. and then you’re so pumped at the finish that you ran three point one miles. By the way that’s about how long it is and miles 5K. is three miles and a little bit more. Three point one so once again follow steps be consistent with your training and then finally increase the amount that you do each week. So that way. You can really build that strength then you can go into your 5K. with confidence that you’re gonna finish and it’s going to be a good time. Where. 

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