April 18, 2021

Correct Running Technique and Tips to Avoid Injury

That was not it and what we see so often is people doing the simple sport of running jogging whatever level you’re at with horrible technique, that compromises their performance, increases risk of injury I know it’s a simple sport it’s not technique heavy like golf or something else, but when you exhibit good technique and really make a lot of positive changes especially reducing injury risk and getting the most performance for the energy put into running forward.

 so the fundamentals are pretty simple, it starts with good posture, so I want to maintain a stable pelvis shoulders forward facing and when I put my arms all my energies coming from the big muscles up here in my hands and arms a relaxed, some gonna pick an angle like ninety degrees, and keep that angle and pump those arms like it to to train, okay but never swaying across the center line or doing any of this side to side motion, especially with my pelvis so I have that stable center of gravity, over my feet at all times.

 So if I were to begin running in place obviously, everything’s going fine right now, I’m balanced center of gravity over my legs and I want to preserve that as I run along rather than the common pattern over striding, let’s say collapsing into the ground my center of gravity is leaning forward over my foot, I’m losing all this energy pushing into the ground.

 I have to correct on the next drive and often times we lose our center of gravity backward so we’re rocking back and forth and side to side, so our first objective is to get everything right while we’re standing still we can run in place with the proper arm carriage and maintaining that straight in the long gated spine stable center of gravity right over our feet, when it comes to the use of the feet the foot strike.

 what I want you to envision is the act of pedaling a bicycle okay so as were pedaling a bicycle we’re picking our foot up and back very quickly,  so it’s coming on the ground and off the ground very quickly and your flexing your foot it’s called the doors the flex foot so it’s a quick action to generate explosive force off the ground were you doors affects your foot, imagining your toe clearing the opposite knee, as you do a stride so it’s very similar to pedaling a bicycle, again the opposite would be losing your leg out here with an over striding pattern or having lazy feet where you’re not using the power of your Achilles tendon the spring off the ground and that’s what I showed you in the initial run up was where I was just dragging my feet along the ground, rather than firing them quickly when I touch the ground, so it’s quick on the ground quick off the ground you’re running like a deer a beautiful animal that springing along the ground.

what I’ll call strong footwear and using the explosive power the Achilles tendon, to strike the ground and spring off the ground quickly and engage this bicycle style stride, and then I’ll compare and contrast to what I call lazy foot, where you’re just shuffling along and again this technique requires focus and concentration at all speeds, so even when you’re jogging and there’s not a severe penalty for poor technique you want to exhibit good technique stand tall keep those legs snappy an explosive and that will help you as you go faster and faster sprinting is the best way to learn good technique, because the penalty for collapsing into the ground or swivelling your hips back and forth, is huge and so a lot of times when we try to speed up we get up on her toes and we feel better, just by virtue of going faster that’s why sprinting is so important a critical component to overall training program even for endurance athletes are for anyone wanting to be healthy so let me show you strong for it and then I’ll compare and contrast too lazy foot.

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