April 18, 2021

4 things to avoid before you run Common Mistakes

These are some of the common things I hear about from runners.Runners and working with runners, some coaching with the athletes, problems within their runs.And I really want to just stop by the easy points.So might seem really simple, might be things you never forbath before.But if you want to have a good run for to make your training worthwhile, make the sessions count.

You need to make sure you go into that and the right that in the right mindset and not make these mistakes.So the first one mistake on the solid biased static stretching of the start they run.So love runners, get out the front door, start stretching immediately.

You know, maybe, maybe first thing in the morning your body isn’t warmed up yet.You haven’t got that blood flowing around.So I’d always recommend star run to staff easy, do a bit of walking, do a bit more of a dynamic stretching or dynamic movement routine that mimics the always just kind of staff a really easy walking for five, 10 minutes.

Let the body sink into the running routine. I’m not asking too much of it too soon. No, that’s mistake. Eating too much too soon, too close here, around. So if you can other first thing in the morning, some days you might feel like you need to eat something for y’all on the run. Make it just really like make it really easy. So maybe a few bananas, maybe better toast. I’d always recommend fruit myself.

Maybe a glass of water as well. Make sure you’re hydrated. But drinking too much. Eating too much before going on the run. It’s just going to leave you feeling very uncomfortable. You’re going to end up restitch some cramping.

So keep it light. Keep it simple. If you go out there first thing in the morning for runs like massages and simple food, something that’s going to digest very easily as you’re running the digestive system.

It’s not just going in slow motion. The blood is not going to your stomach as it usually would. The food is not going be processed quite the same quite so quickly. It’s going to be on to your limbs, moving around the body to pump up blood, pump oxygen to where it needs to go.

So make sure you don’t put too much pressure on your stomach to close. So run. So I always recommend this while I’m eating. If you going to eat a meal before you go right and try to make at least two hours before you run, you might manage on less time than that, but you might lead in some discomfort.

The run, the intensity of the run is quite high. Drinking as well. Make sure you’re not just gulping down massive liters of water before you go out there running it. It is important that you’re hydrated. So it will depend on the conditions where you’re off. It’s hot, it’s sunny.

You will need to drink a little bit more than if it was cooler conditions out there. But make sure you’re going to run hydrated.

But in that last hour before you run, just make sure you’re focusing more so on just sipping those drinks, not gulping down massive amounts. Next slide, their next mistake on to talk about seems like an obvious one.

I’m sure most people quickly learn a lesson. This once again, so good routine of it. It’s making sure of not getting to the bathroom before you go out for a run. It can be one of the worst things you can do. Being on the run, some need to go.

I’m not just talking for no one, even here, guys. It can be quite disrupting to the run. And maybe a they’re risky depending where you are. And you might not be able to find a toilet, sir.

Well, I always try and make sure you can do is try and train your body, try and get into that routine as best you can so that you are going to the toilet before you get out on a run as nothing more knowing if you are doing a session in 10 procession that suddenly nature calls.

It is natural is no point gain strength. But if it does happen but gains into the rhythm get for the routine guys. You want to make sure you have some good quality training sessions about little disruptions as possible. So make sure he gets that toy and make it a part of your routine and make sure you factor that time in. You’re going and training in the morning and you’re on a tight squeeze for time.

Make sure you factor in that time that you’d need for the toilet just to make sure you can get the whole session in without rushing or being late for work or anything like that. Next mistake stick on to talk about is not listening to your body.

So I know a lot of runners have their training programs. They’ll help their goals. They have these big, you know, pipe dreams in mind. What they want to accomplish with their running and what they want to accomplish for that runs the sessions.

But you have to listen to your body when you get up in the morning. You need to take a little second just to think about how are you feeling? Are you absorbing the training they’ve done up to that point? Are you feeling fractures you should do? Maybe you’re feeling a little bit tired. And sometimes you need to think about this, guys.

Are you just tired from the training load? And as a natural, is it good for you to push for that time? Obviously, sometimes, especially if you’re trying to develop, you’re running.

You will be fatigued from time to time and you’ve got to push through that.But you need to listen to your body if you’re gonna X, you’re gonna Cane’s or if you are just feeling completely exhausted, completely wiped out, then it can be a sign that the training is just a little bit too much right now.

And you need to dial that back and give yourself that time, rest that recovery to really come back stronger and to really allow that training to absorb into your body and your body to obviously grow stronger and to respond to it in the way that you wanted.

Maybe you could also, you know, think about implant implementing some cross training and from time to time in these instances.So if you get a you feel like a reiners and quite the best thing for you today, you can always go on a bike ride.

You can at some swimming in there, you do some aqua jogging in the pool, you know, or maybe you can just do something very like very easy to some light, easy yoga, get some good stretching in there, get some good mobility gains as well.

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