April 18, 2021

3 tips to Run Longer Without Getting So Tired

So it’s Sunday, It’s time for the long run. And you’re a little nervous because maybe your long runs have been really tough for you it might be your hardest day of the week. For multiple reasons. We’ll tend to see the long run start really well. And then it literally just spent you just spend the rest of the time slowly getting worse and worse and worse as you walk yourself through those miles especially those later Miles.

how to run longer without getting so tired

A tip to help your breathing, . A tip on how to maintain your cadence and those later Miles. And a tip on how to keep your legs feeling fresh throughout the ride.

  • breathing

So what we’re going to do or what you’re going to do for this is for your long run every one mile you’re going to spend the first minute of that mile only breathing in through your nose. You’re welcome to breathe out through your mouth. But adjust your pace as needed to allow yourself to breathe only into your nose and out to your mouth.

The reason we’re going to do that is because when we breathe through our nose it’s a good way for us to reestablish communication with our diaphragm. And when we do that we tend to build a lot more stability in our run so we avoid the kind of side shifting that we might see some breathing into your nose is a good way to start to use your diaphragm again. If you’ve gotten so tired that you’ve kind of lost that capacity. 
So again for every mile you’re going to spend the first minute of it breathing through your nose. 

  • maintain your cadence

Step two is going to be in reference to your cadence cadence is how many steps you take in a minute. And it’s one of the things that will quickly degrade as fatigue starts setting in more and more. So we all have a natural cadence. Mine is around one seventy eight hundred and eighty steps in a minute. And I know that because I’ve used and trained with a metronome many times linked to some for you to use for this drill in our description. 
But what you’re gonna do is on your long run you’ve got figure out your natural cadence and you’re going to check in with it with 10 percent left in your mileage on the right. 
So let’s say I’m running 20 miles the last two miles I’m going to turn my metronome on I’m going to see if I can still match my natural cadence that I had when I started and this final tip is one of the more important ones because it’s one of the ways that we’re gonna keep our legs feeling fresh in those later stages of our long run.

We’ve all done this where we are really really really tight. The later stage of our long run so this is a way that we deal with it. What we’re gonna do is halfway through our long run we’re gonna start either doing air squats or leg swings. So let’s say I’m doing a 20 mile run at mile 10 I’m going to slow and come to a stop.

This is an opportunity for me to catch my breath for a second but also this is where I’m going to start to do my air squats so I’m going to perform 10 air squats here go as deep as I want. It should just loosen up your hips and your quads and your legs. 

So I’ll go through my 10 I’ll pick back up for the remaining part of that mile. And now for the rest of my long run every mile I’m going to stop and either be doing 10 squats or ten leg swings. So first stop I’m doing air squats. 

Second stopping to do leg swings and then I’m going back and forth for the remainder of my run. That’s the way that we’re gonna keep our legs feeling fresh for those later stages of our long run.

  • How to keep your legs feeling fresh throughout the ride

We’re gonna say that you should try one of them at a time doing all of them at once would be a little bit of a mess. 
So if you know that you struggle with breathing in the later stages of your bile give the nose breathing a go for that if you know that your feet get really slow and tragedy as you get into the later stages that your miles check in with your cadence in the final one if you know that your hips get really tight or your quads your hamstrings you’re going to be doing the stop breaks with the squats and the leg swings. 

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