April 18, 2021

Beginner’s Running Program – Taking Your First Steps With Running

When I decided at first to start a running program, I didn’t know much about the subject.
In fact, at the earlier stages – I concluded that running is hard and I shouldn’t be doing it
But at that time, I had a mentor, someone who really taught me well and helped me
realize that everyone should start somewhere and I should judge myself according to my
own progress – not holding onto some unrealistic ideal.
All runners have one thing in common: a beginning, we all began somewhere. Until
recent times, there wasn’t as much information as today. In fact, you are actually blessed.
If you are a beginner, now you won’t have to endure pain and suffering or even injury. Why? 
Simply because I will reveal to you a simple method to get you up and going in no
time flat:
The Run/Walk Method

The run-walk is very straightforward and easy. You run for a short period of time and
then take a walk break, and keep replicating the pattern over and over again. This
beginner training technique can boost your endurance and calories burning, reduces the
likelihood of injury and guarantees your success as beginner runner.

How often should I take walk breaks?

Walk breaks are directly linked to the intensity of your run. Therefore – you decide what
ratio of run-walk-run to use, according to your fitness level and how you feel at the
moment. Some beginners presuppose that they must train toward the day when they can
run without taking any walk breaks at all.
Of course, answer lies within your abilities and running goals. Each running workout
should last about 20 or 30 minutes, for three times a week. Most studies for optimum
fitness suggest this amount of running exercise.
This program will get you fit, but remember that there is no rule that requires you to hold
to any ratio on a given day. You know what’s the best choice to make at any given
moment, just make your safety and sanity a priority. 
Here is the first week of your beginner running program:
Week One
Monday: Walk 10 minutes. Next 5 minutes, rotate between running 1 minute and
walking for 1 minute. Walk 10 minutes for cool down.
– Tuesday: Rest Day
Wednesday: Walk 10 minutes. Next 6 minutes alternate running 1 minute and walking 1
minute. Walk 5 minutes. Stretch.
– Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: Walk 8 minutes. Next 8 minutes, rotate between running 1 minute and walking
for 1 minute. Walk 5 minutes
Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday: Walk 6 minutes. Next 10 minutes rotate between running 2 minutes and
walking for 2 minutes. Then Walk 5 minutes as a cool down.
Of course, you could take Sunday off if you have any pain or are tired from previous

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