April 18, 2021

Summer Running Tips for Handling Heat and Humidity

Let’s talk summer running after living in Florida for about eight years, there are some things I learned that make it a whole lot easier to deal with the heat and the humidity.
One if you’re planning on wearing a hat go for a visor instead, you wanna let out all that heat that’s trying to escape from your head, so a visor is a great option or option to take your hat the night before don’t get in some water put it in the freezer.
It is amazing while you’re running to just have that cooling sensation as you keep going especially, because your head is a point where your body is trying to let out the heat so it’s going to make you feel cooler love that sensation another tip that a lot of people overlook is wearing sunglasses, they’re actually a couple of scientifically proven things here one is that when you are squinting your brain has to actually start working harder and it creates fifteen faster because we know that a lot of our fatigue. 
It’s totally meant all right but it definitely if you’re scrounging up your face and you’re doing this you’re wasting energy, and I don’t know about you but I need every ounce of energy going into my legs, are at your next tip kind of obvious but if you can run early in the morning find any patch of shade those things really matter really matter.
And last but not least I want to say fall in love with your treadmill, it’s not so awful actually link below design my favorite work out that will get you through treadmill runs. I have done a long run short runs intervals and everything in between on the treadmill it is an amazing tool for learning how to pace yourself it’s a great option for adding hills especially when I lived in Florida, it’s a great option for pushing your pace especially if you don’t love the track falls in love with your treadmill it’s okay.

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