April 18, 2021

stair running for speed and power

If a workout that helps to build speed, power, and cardio – vascular fitness is wanted, it’s ideal to run the stairs. Running steps are also a major complement to any agility training program because they build speed and speed while offering a good sprint training.

The running stairs are targeted at some of the body’s biggest muscles, including glutes, quads and balds— the same squats and lung muscles used. Stepping is a plyometric practice, which means that in short intervals, the muscles are maximized in force, which causes the muscles to prolong and contracted quickly or explosively. You also need to work against gravity, build strength and energy by running upstairs.

Many athletes run stairs at a stadium, yet in a park or in other outside spaces, you can see a stairway or a house stairway. If you don’t have easy access to the stairs, look for a hill with a pretty steep slope. Repeats on hills offer a similar stairway workout and are slightly easier to get started. 
And do not confuse the steps with the use of a escalator or elliptical machine. Further focus, more control, and more muscles are required to run the stairs. Moreover, you don’t have to enter a fitness center or buy your own expensive machine. Find a nice staircase and good to go. 
You should plan to slowly and gradually expand your time and intensity if you have not done stair workouts beforehand. Stairs use muscles you haven’t been using before, which result in unnecessary muscle soreness when you overdo your first workout. As you build into a regular routine, follow these guidelines:
  1. Do not run stairs during your first few training sessions. Start with a step by step up the stairs. When you’re jogging, keep your head up and eyes forward, rather than down on your feet with your weight focused.
  2. Before your workout stairs, make sure you warm up thoroughly. Walking briskly for 5 to 10 minutes on a flat surface is an excellent way for the blood to flow and rain.
  3. Depending on the length of your stairs, work up to 10 sets per workout. A workout of 20 to 30 minutes offers you lots of intensity.
Although there are many advantages to stair running, keep in mind that it is a tough practice and may not be suitable for all. Talk to your doctor before starting your workout and always stop your workout if you notice aches, pain or other signs of injury warning, if it’s safe for you.

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