April 18, 2021

Running training program tips for Beginners

The main aim of any training program is to achieve peak performance in a certain period, both for beginners and elite athletes. A structured training program consisting of several phases is required to achieve one objective: a base phase, a specified phase and an optional performance phase.

Running training program tips for Beginners

  • Check for warm- ups, main activities and cool down daily sessions.
  • Vary the type of workout you take to improve your fitness and to prevent lurking and keep your motivation.
  • Do not run every day: running is an impact sport and it takes time for your body to recover between sessions
  • To help move tight muscles before or after training, use foam roller exercises.
  • Substitute running with weightless workout like swimming, biking or rowing to help the recovery between running and racing sessions.
  • Incorporate core sessions and strength exercises to help balance and stability.

Every training is about performance, but it’s about improving your strength and endurance and maximizing your speed during the performance of your course program. This is best accomplished by custom tempo runs and short-or long-runs. 

These training sessions can be integrated in the last few weeks and weeks of your racial training. However, you do not have the full benefit of this last phase of training if you have not completed the effective basic and specific phases.

Have a rest when you finish a race. The more you run, the more your body needs. It is a good idea in general to take a day off for each mile that you ran during the event.

Everyone’s different  some need more, others need less but your body is best listened to. This is also a time when crosstraining  for example, swimming, cycling, rowing, and yoga  can keep you cardiovascular and give your muscles time to recover from race rigour.

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