April 18, 2021

10K running training Plans tips

You will have to do four to five running sessions each week to prepare for a 10 km race with two rest sessions that allow your body to recover. By completing at least one cross-training session every two weeks, you can take a break from running and work on aerobic and muscular fitness. At the end of the programme, a two-week taper will help make your body ready for a race. 

It’s advisable to follow the first four to six weeks  if you have never run a 10k race before so you can develop your running fitness. You should then be prepared to advance this particular 10 km program and avoid the danger of overwork.

Experienced 10-kilometer runners who want to run more quickly can benefit from the full foundation program prior to the 10-kilometer. Add 2–4 km to the sittings, depending on where you feel you need improvement, if you are an advanced ten kilometer racer. Do not go over 64 km a week for 5 or 6 weeks, as nothing more for the race is unnecessary.

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