April 18, 2021

How to run Faster and Longer ?

You need to train quickly if you want to run faster and longer. Speedwork is an essential part of any exercise course if your personal best is to be breached. The easiest way to train for speed is to run at a set pace over a specified distance. Adding quick speeds and short intervals to the end of your running program makes you more confident, faster and faster.

However, listen to your body because you’re ready or not. Adjust your training if you feel your body is pushing too hard. You need to practice to improve any activity. In the training law your fitness improves until you reach your physical limits when you have to perform the same training session or go the same way on the same distance and level every day.

This is because the body continues to adapt and so progress when you overload. After the performance limits are reached and the body starts to fall as the training session no longer stresses the body— reversing the law of formation. Running faster requires effort and a rapid supply of muscle energy. After a session your leg muscles will feel as if they were burning. you will feel breathless. 

Don’t panic, this is part of the body that provides the muscles with energy and then deals with lactic acid build-up. It’s part of your training to learn how your body responds to running faster. You have to increase leg speed or turnover in order to run faster.

Focus on your cycle and make sure all your limbs operate with the proper running technique and maximum capability. You can’t run on long distances every day and shouldn’t have more than one or two weekly speed sessions. The body takes time to adjust to training stresses and your muscles need time to get back regardless of your elite. 

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