April 18, 2021

The 11 important things to know for Beginner Runner

Male runners have to deal with just as much as female runners and with some very gender-specific issues and concerns. These tips should help you solve the most common questions and problems.

1. Limit competitiveness 

Runner can compete on their own and in peer groups. We probably all met that person who claims that without training they could just turn up and run a half marathon. Gaining strength means consistency, and building up slowly and steadily. It’s the best way to stay stronger and unhurt. Concentrate on yourself and your training, and soon enough you will receive the rewards.

2. Unintended weight loss 

You might find that you start to lose weight when you start running, and that’s not always desirable. If you find the scales are on a downward spiral, you have to review your nutrition plan and look at cross-training to keep muscles that don’t use running. Weight training can be useful for bulk conservation.

3. Intended weight loss 

Of course, weight loss could be exactly what you want to do, and running is a great way to do that. If you start overweight, you need to make sure that you have supportive shoes, that you start slowly and that you keep an eye out for injuries–at first your body will be under a lot of pressure, but it gets easier as you start fatting.

4. Don’t abandon other sports 

If you already practice other sports, like football or squash, get them into your running program instead of neglecting them or trying to do too much. This means running anyway, usually in short, fast bursts, so use your running sessions to concentrate more on a slower pace and a longer distance.

5. Watch out for injuries 

Various sports have different injuries, but all can affect your running. If you turn a football ankle or pull a muscle lifting weight, you should rest while you are healing, until you have no pain in walking. You can start building up slowly to where you left and reintroduce every activity as you regain fitness.

6. Supportive underwear 

You want everything to be in place when you run. Some shorts have an inner’ pant’ area so you can go’ commando,’ but this may not be supportive enough. You can get rid of well-equipped boxers, but cotton is not the best choice, because it doesn’t sweat. Proper underwear for sports is supportive and remains dry.

7. Stay hydrated 

It’s easy to forget to drink enough water, especially if you’re not one of those people who standardly drops their eight glasses a day. Men need more water than women in general, so keep an eye on your urine to make sure you get enough (the color of the pale straw is perfect) and drink all day long. Keep a bottle of water as a dressing with you.

8. Be not stubborn 

Are you the type to ignore pain and pain? Have you shrunk them and carry on as usual? This merely calls for long-term problems. This small niggle in your ankle may cause serious injury and months off. A chest infection can ensure that it remains with you for longer. Be honest about your symptoms and appropriate rest and recovery measures.

 9. Clear your mind 

They are increasingly stressed both to hold a full- time job and to raise a family. Running is a reliever of stress and even better when you are with friends. Running in a group gives you all the opportunity to chat while the time passes.

10. Good kit

 Wear proper clothes that are not too tight to avoid any feminine hygiene problems. Evite the use of fabric conditioners on your clothes that can irritate sensitive areas of the skin. Wearing clothes that are made from breathable materials will also leave you feeling cooler and far more comfortable

 11. Leave a note 

Tell someone you’re running and how long you’re going to be. Try to bring your mobile phone in a sports belt or pocket with you, so that you can contact someone if necessary.

Although the basic principles of running are the same, there are differences in running between men and women. From safety concerns to body makeup differences.

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